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mutant narrative #1

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

in her airplane, alien Alison the astronaut
beams audio aurora to baby doll on the bakerloo line
while beneath a blarney blood blue sky
Bob Dylan eats brain brand breakfast

what chance for the characters cloning clouds
at the codecs concrete conference?
and if copulation with a cow, paid for by cowboy credit
makes cyberbaby, who cries for dada daddy?

such a dangerous world of decay and digital debris
only Dirac and the doppelganger dragons from Dresden
laying dynamic Earth eggs
are electronic with emotion exploding

‘oh inevitable eye eye!’ says candy fair
falling for the piano film crew
‘fine print’ replies fritz through his frogs frost fume
‘gimme the gothic graffiti gun, i ice imaginary media’
and so stamps immigrant ink on kung fu Kurt

leonardo with his line dancing lizards in london
is longing for love
but Madeleine and Mark mashup max
under the mondrian money moon
and Mr Jones plays musicals for the mutant Muybridge

narrative on the new screen in the northern hemisphere
lights numbers for Orpheus in his outerspace outhouse
so he plots permutations to pilfer pixelpost planets
before plumbing the poetry of his politics primer

all quiet on the railway, Ralph the reptile robot
ruins runran, saying scratch screw scriptorium!
and seagulls semaphore semiotics for shadow sheep
despite the shenanigans of spaceman and spacewoman
who spam splash splatter the spoken word spook


terror text things touch trash
in the underground universe of election variations
and the vendor of verse sells wallpaper
with words x and y

language of a mutant son

Friday, June 29th, 2007

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