devil's rope journal

This iteration of The Devil’s Rope Journal was created by Randy Adams (aka runran, Can), Chris Joseph (aka babel, Can/UK) and Christine Wilks (aka crissxross, UK). It began as a series of imaginary DVD covers presented as digital images in R3//1X//0RX tongue-in-cheek commentaries on new media in general. In the spring of 2007 we decided to develop a presentation for the Interactive Futures 2007 (The New Screen) conference in Victoria. Certain images and animations, texts, audio, and snippets of code were chosen from the blog (see below). A private blog space was used to work together online, exchanging ideas, discussing theme and presentation. Finally, the material was drawn together during an intensive 2-day fleshmeet in runran’s small house by the sea in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island.

The result of that collaboration is offered here as a download – an interactive Flash movie in a standalone player. There are two versions: one for PC and one for Mac – unzip the archive and double click on the appropriate player to launch – read the instructions and turn your speakers up.

cd cover

click here to download the devil’s rope journal [ 30.1 MB ]

On-site Archive
[ R3//1X//0RX sources of the devil’s rope content ]

  1. _thing
  2. [xy]happens[dance] revisited
  3. 1george2
  4. 22xit
  5. 4example4 / 4example 4example
  6. becoming mr flic
  7. codeman
  8. double flame
  9. dys-traction
  10. ghost gathering
  11. grist & muscle
  12. headgap
  13. IDmix [ still + no more ]
  14. la cicciolisa
  15. looking for orpheus
  16. notes on an imaginary landscape
  17. script & crew
  18. Starfield effect: jrgraphix
  19. Sunflower image: Bernd Lintermann and Oliver Deussen
  20. table talk
  21. unwritten text
  22. what holds the remix together?

Off-site Archive

  1. View a video of IF07 presentation.
  2. View babel’s flickr set
  3. View crissxross’ flickr set

Cover art

[ click in image and key x ( source: cdmix1.fla ) ]