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  • sprinkled speech

    from forgotten techniques source files

  • shadow moment

    was it all for one instant stopped and made and don’t we try to stop it all again hold still for one perfect moment touch some simple unchanging thing rein the sun and erect a heavy stone then trace its shadow into place return one day and hold your breath watch the shadow fill the…

  • on the occasion of listening to a poet who has another occupation or sweet life and sour grapes

    your poems are well kept as your hair salt and pepper curls and a widow’s peak your poems are orderly as her garden a high brick wall in the weedy suburbs your poems are pretty as a spring bouquet wrinkled petals on the dining room table your poems are quiet as a baby at sleep…

  • (!)

    [remixworxflash url=”https://crissxross.net/remixworx/punctuate2.swf 560 580 code from: ode to XL5 source: punctuate2fl8.fla (45kb)

  • reVamp to end reUser

    i am a figment of your phallus fantasy i am your fuckless fuck i am squeaky clean and synthetically dirty fantastically filthy in fact eternally reusable infinitely recyclable bloodless, gutless, ageless the black hole you dream of sucking you in in response to: ReUse, ReCycle, ReVamp prompted by: revamp

  • revamp

    i am corporate body recycle the teardrop i am modern memory apply pixelated hair i am plug & play hung with hyperlinks i am digital thread optical fibres silicon dust + from: ReUse, ReCycle, ReVamp + Wikipedia

  • Spacial combinatorics

    (Writing’s easy: all you do is stare at the blank space until your forehead bleeds) Writing’s easy: all you do is stare at your forehead until it bleeds Writing’s easy: all you do is blank until your stare bleeds space Writing’s easy: all you do is bleed until your forehead is blank Writing’s easy: all…

  • fuck dreams

    shattered courage eats the brain the head bottles the sparrow the virgin stripped to bone while scars trace the dust it rattles our lives, hear carnival trumpets blarney crushed glass, sudden thought hearts heavier than stone hammer, egg and worms strange in any direction form is heavy

  • forgotten techniques

    sprinkled speech in special inkwells revealed sometimes versions later in a virgin instant, in a sacred city desire the boundary of letters codes, messages and memory or save time, toss the dice sacrifice the white sheet believe in invisible examples voice disorder, square balloon