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so damn insane

Friday, December 29th, 2006

A special issue by the Imaginary Post Office of its 1 meglo maniac stamp, to mark the passing of a man who vowed to go the gallows a martyr. They hauled him from a hole in the ground and hanged him. Is it true that he had [tag]Mars bars[/tag] stashed in his hideout? We’ll never know what was said between he and Madeleine [tag]Albright[/tag], when they discussed Kuwait – was Kuwait really drilling horizontally into Iraqii oilfields?

[tag]Nestorian Christians[/tag] opened the gates of Baghdad to the Mongols. Hussein mentioned a Mongol leader in one of his speeches, Hulagu, who ordered the building of a pyramid of 800,000 skulls. Hussein compared the Americans to the Mongols. There is a poet from the Rocky Mountains (his name slips my mind) who wrote about the Alberta oilfields. He called burn-off flares: millionaire’s campfires.

Toast a weenie, anytime, folks. [tag]Hypocrisy[/tag] is a perpetually-burning fire.
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