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  • The Remix in Color

    original sequence from The Fugitive final series intro remix voice by qubodup source files

  • Quick Dirty

    from A quick and dirty fun black and white portrait collage tutorial by Laya Gerlock source files

  • talk talk

    from kismisms + PM’s speech at the British Chambers of Commerce, 10 February 2015 at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Hall + party political web colours by Richard Allen source files

  • When One Hundred Million Million Poems Just Isn’t Enough

    source files from original flash version, adapted from Raymond Queneau’s One hundred million million poems [image] There are more variations of this poem than stars in the known universe. Ignoring colour: starting position poem variations: = 14 conjunctions * 207 pronouns/names * 584 verbs * 362 adjectives * 100 colour names * 1258 nouns *…