on the occasion of listening to a poet who has another occupation or sweet life and sour grapes

your poems are well kept as your hair
salt and pepper curls and a widow’s peak

your poems are orderly as her garden
a high brick wall in the weedy suburbs

your poems are pretty as a spring bouquet
wrinkled petals on the dining room table

your poems are quiet as a baby at sleep
slight fingers clutch tight as a fist

your poems are clean as a new bought car
out of control on a wet curve in the road

your poems are clear as morning on the lake
a wounded duck flaps wild in the tall reeds

your poems are light as a toy sailboat
water rushes toward a rusted iron grate

your poems are silent as deep space
a comet strikes a waterless planet

your poems are calm as an ascetic
thorns pierce deep in leathery skin

your poems are rich as a Sunday sermon
an angry desert God damns wicked words

your poems are soft as new goose down
the bird defecates at each awkward step

your poems are safe as a padded cell
some sad wretch claws hard at the door

Recorded and engineered in Edmonton (15 Dec 2008) by Ray Buxton, freelance CBC sound engineer. Keyboards by Dennis Meneely of Tacoy Ryde. Text and voice by runran. Dedicated to the Raving Poets.

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