more fine print

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4 responses to “more fine print”

  1. Xit 2007 IT Rules Contest Committee avatar
    Xit 2007 IT Rules Contest Committee

    you have a wonderful knack for remixings,
    for changing though retaining the sense
    of orginal material, respinning new material
    into “least dreary meddles”, “least colourful
    corpses”, “least dirty daggers”, etc & etc

    you have won the biweekly prize of several
    detours, we hope you enjoy the journey

  2. crissXross avatar

    so this is how fine print behaves. that explains a lot.

    ‘most justified cannons’, ‘most dusty methods’, ‘most rapid arrears’… how many times, unaware, have i signed on the dotted line?

  3. babel avatar

    Thanks X2IRC Cttee… more detours, just what I’ve always wanted 🙂

  4. carmen avatar

    i for 1:00
    i have more sense of babel babel fine meddles”
    new 🙂 material
    explains 1:00 respinning 🙂 (: of colourful remixings ::)):(::)((