configuration cooler

(aka snowpoem) – for my friends in montreal and their weather 😉

from Cool in my Configuration <- cool functions
+ Ben Balvanz’s Frosty

flash source: configcooler.fla (28KB)

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11 responses to “configuration cooler”

  1. runran avatar

    poor montreal, out here
    we’re counting cherry
    blossoms and crocuses


  2. crissXross avatar

    this winter past i’ve been learning to love the random, now i’m completely hooked

    let it snow, let it snow, let in snow…

    (easy for me to say, I know, we hardly see any of it these days)

  3. Matina avatar

    Turns out the duck-and-cover didn’t work. Who knew you were supposed to run?

  4. babel avatar

    love the random! it is your friend!

    i miss the snow… easy to say when you don’t have a car to dig out.

    sadly duck and cover only works for atomic explosions matina 🙂

  5. carmen avatar

    random atomic word blossoms
    let duck-and-cover days) out

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  7. Mary King avatar

    Oh, I just love that snow. There’s no business like snow business, eh?

  8. babel avatar

    or, there’s snow business like snow business.

    hi mary 🙂

  9. Kate Pullinger avatar

    I am so nostalgic for snow. One day I’ll have to go and spend a winter in a really cold part of Canada just to get a bit of reality back in front of my rose-tinted, frosty, glasses. I like the snow poem.

  10. babel avatar

    me too. There is something very good for the head (if not the hands that have to shovel it) about masses of snow covering everything in white.