Category: audio

  • spinWORX

    from R3//1X//0RX – selected works technique thanks to this tutorial by carl schooff see comments for source files

  • The Ponder – Flaming Blue

    Imaginary band that broke up several times and rebanded for a final gig on a cruise ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates. They played themselves to freedom. The song postintegrate was released posthumously after the lead singer thought himself to death. Playlist postintegrate fundamental principles take it for granted self-evident assume existence break into […]

  • still shadow

    unchanging and erect one day you made the sun reign a perfect thing the shadow in its place was it all for one instant? some simple touch to trace your breath and feel the marks then in one heavy moment stopped and made stone again hold still the shadow return to watch it all donÂ’t […]

  • recycling bellini

    from: codecs mash + RECYCLING ART 3 fla: bellinimix.fla (771KB)

  • shadow moment

    was it all for one instant stopped and made and don’t we try to stop it all again hold still for one perfect moment touch some simple unchanging thing rein the sun and erect a heavy stone then trace its shadow into place return one day and hold your breath watch the shadow fill the […]

  • carousel

    from jung wires flash source/graphics/sound: (664KB)

  • on the occasion of listening to a poet who has another occupation or sweet life and sour grapes

    your poems are well kept as your hair salt and pepper curls and a widow’s peak your poems are orderly as her garden a high brick wall in the weedy suburbs your poems are pretty as a spring bouquet wrinkled petals on the dining room table your poems are quiet as a baby at sleep […]

  • tubular bells

    from london tube names + DJ Chronos bell flash source/font: (398KB)

  • jung wires

    from london overground train (district line) + vocal by binnorie flash source: jungwires.fla (2MB)