the bull stops here

the bull stops here

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8 responses to “the bull stops here”

  1. avatar runran Says:

    The bull stops here: it’s time to stop tinkering with the wordpress platform and get on with developing content for remix runran 4.


  2. avatar /t. Says:

    >:r —
    tinkering is content

    randy, your blog is looking great with lots of cool imagery and engaging writing — what is version 4? is that like year 4?

    thanks for your note over at mo’po (tinkering as content) — wishing you a very merry season and all best in the new year — will be dropping in from time to time, of course

    maybe you could add comments to your main posts?

    tinkering really is content(!)


  3. avatar runran Says:

    hey /t.

    version 4 refers to the 4th version of a website representing runran

    run the [creative] program randy


  4. avatar /t. Says:

    is there really a creative (computer) program “randy”?

    i can see you writing something like that and then leaving it running — while we’re all busy yacking away with it, you’re down on the beach soaking up some rays and knocking back a few cold ones (maybe it isn’t really that warm out there in december 🙂


  5. avatar runran Says:

    yo /t.

    a randy computer program! would it have appendages? snuggle with my hard drive? open and close my disc drawers, over and over?

    another jaunty tube


    no rays. drizzle, tea and brandy


  6. avatar /t. Says:

    of sunshine here in southern alberta, as you know well, and mild

    so what is ‘author’ access to your site about (seems obvious, but i don’t wish to make any assumptions) — and if it is as i assume (DOH!) it must be, then how does one work it?

    tea ‘n rye


  7. avatar runran Says:

    not sure myself what exactly you can do, but author means author, so i presume you can write and edit top level posts and comments, try logging in with the admin link with the password i sent … i presume you can wallpaper the joint

    i remember mostly the wind in southern alberta, back when i spent a lot of time in the porcupine hills and the livingston range, photographing the oldman river, specifically homesteads being flooded by the dam, i have some very sad oral narratives recorded from that time


  8. avatar runran Says:

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